3 Hot Tips for Designing your Wedding Cake

| Planning your Wedding Cake

Ideas for wedding cake designs are truly endless.  You’ve probably done a search for wedding cake pictures online before so you’ll know what I mean.

What is most important when choosing your design?  Here are some tips from my personal experiences.

1.  Tie your wedding cake design in with your wedding theme

Maybe you have a strong theme to your wedding, like a beach, hearts or all white theme.  Or maybe you don’t feel like you really have a theme but more of a feel, like romantic.  Either way try to choose a wedding cake that will “belong” to your wedding.

When your guests walk into your reception venue your wedding cake should stand out as a gorgeous centrepiece and not beacause it looks out of place.

Don’t choose a design “just cause you really like it” if it doesn’t go with anything else.

If you find a cake you really like talk to your cake designer about making it your own and adjusting it to suit your table and reception decor, flowers, colours, wedding dress…  Give your cake designer a clear vision of your wedding.

2.  Aim for some wow factor!

Your wedding cake truly can be any amazing centrepiece to complete your wedding, and something your guests talk about for years to come!

So many brides say they want something “simple”.  Do they mean simple and elegant, or simple and plain, or not fussy and covered with old-fashioned piping?  Or is it a budget issue?

Spend some time looking at cake pictures and considering the effect you would like your wedding cake to have on your special day.

Consider more than plain icing and ribbon around each tier, you won’t regret it!

If budget is an issue be upfront about this to your cake designer.  Give them your ultimate cake design ideas and your budget and ask how much of your design can be fitted within your budget.

3.  Why not 4 tiers?

Tall cakes look elegant and are more balanced in large reception rooms.

If you look up cake pictures online, many of them are 4 tier cakes.  However many brides request 3 tier cakes.

If you are having over 80 guests at your wedding and are serving your cake as dessert you should consider a 4 tier cake.

Talk with your cake designer about your options and don’t just assume it will be more expensive.

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