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Gone are the days when wedding cakes were all fruit cake. In fact I seldom get requests for fruit cakes and only make around 1-2 a year.

Most wedding cakes these days are chocolate mud, and who doesn’t love a nice piece of mud cake – I know I do! But there are other options, and if you are serving your wedding cake as your dessert on your wedding day you should consider what flavour cake you want to offer your guests for dessert. And you should absolutely have a cake tasting before choosing your wedding cake designer.

Along with your standard chocolate mud cake you can get white chocolate mud cake and caramel mud cake. I also offer a range of premium mud cakes, like my chocolate mud cake filled with a delectable chocolate raspberry ganache made with fresh raspberries. I also have an extremely popular hazelnut and honey mud cake.

But what if you don’t want to serve such a heavy dessert? I have had customers say they don’t really want mud cake but you can’t have anything else. Well of course you can!

Yes fruit cake was used for weddings back in the day for its keeping time (and they didn’t have mud cake!). Once iced with fondant (or in the old days almond marzipan) it would last forever while intricate designs were piped on. These traditional heavily piped wedding cake designs are no longer in fashion and a wedding cake designer will not spend more than 3 or 4 days decorating and finishing your wedding cake after it is baked. That being said, many wedding cake designs can be completed within 1 to 2 days after being baked.

While mud cake has a longer keeping time than lighter cakes, it is not the only option for your wedding cake. If you want a lighter cake flavour discuss this with your wedding cake designer and see if your wedding cake design will allow for baking your cake only a couple of days before your wedding.

A cake I personally love for wedding cakes is my Italian cream cake (no cream in it, not sure why its called that). It is light but buttery and rich, flavoured with coconut and pecans – truly delicious. It is also very moist and does not go stale quickly.

Italian Cream Cake Noosa

Your favourite cake is banana cake you say. I’m actually making a banana wedding cake this week!

The only limitation in choosing your wedding cake flavour is that it must be stable (or safe) out of the fridge as it will be on display for quite some hours before serving. So unfortunately no fresh cream or fruit mousses or the likes.

There are many options for giving you the wedding cake flavour you desire, so don’t compromise, and don’t serve your wedding guests a dessert you’re not happy with.

Please take a look at my cake flavours page for inspiration.

Happy wedding planning!

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